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  • Entertainment – All stories published on this site are intended solely for entertainment purposes. Sort of like 900 numbers and The Psychic Friends Network.
  • Satire – Stories on this site may be inflammatory, irreverent, flippant, profane, or even downright rude, but only for the sake of creating a humorous narrative. Deal with it.
  • Fiction – Stories published on this site use fake names, except when satirizing a public figure such as a celebrity or politician. All stories, even those mentioning such public figures, should be considered fictional unless used as fodder for conspiracy theorists.
  • Inclusive – We are willing to offend anyone in the name of a good laugh, so expect political incorrectness to abound!

Legal Stuff

The content of this site, including images, text, and other elements are copyright ©2015-2016 The Knozzle Group and may not be reprinted or re-transmitted, in whole or in part, without written consent by the publisher. However, individual contributors are responsible for their own material in respect to copyright, libel, and slander.

Images used (and often manipulated) are taken from free stock photo sites and press releases, and found via Google Image Search labeled for reuse. Images are used under the Fair Use Doctrine and protected by the right to report and parody news and current events.

If you have questions or concerns over any content found on this site, feel free to contact us.

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